At Organic Herd, we believe that how we farm matters. We’re not just here to deliver delicious dairy, we’re here to make a positive impact – on our environment, on animal welfare, and on the quality of dairy.

Join a movement with a fresh perspective on how dairy should be – sustainable, ethical, always organic.

Explore Our Range.

Discover our fantastic range of organic dairy products – all of which are produced without additives, antibiotics or herbicides. This is dairy that is deliciously guilt-free.

Explore Our Range.

Discover our fantastic range of organic dairy products – all of which are free from antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. This is dairy that is deliciously guilt-free.

Why choose organic?

Champions of organic

We believe that to do dairy properly, the only way is organic. And we do a great job of it. To discover why organic is so good for the planet, for our cows, and for you, check out the link below.

Farmer-owned, ethical and honest

We proudly stand as a 100% farmer-owned co-operative, driven by a commitment to authenticity and transparency. Learn about our farmers, their stories, and why farming the organic way is so important.

Deliciously Tasty

Indulge in delicious organic dairy, without having to ever compromise on taste or qualtity. And trust us, it tastes really, really good.

Good for the planet, good for you

By choosing Organic Herd, you’re supporting a movement towards a better, greener future. Discover how we’re making a positive impact below.

Get your taste buds ready!

Our Planet Organic sampling events are in full swing until March 2nd. Swing by, savour the flavours, and let’s chat all things organic!

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Time to treat your tastebuds! Swing by any of the 9 Planet Organic stores in London as we have some tasty sessions in play 🤤

Our team were out in the Spitalfields and Queens Park Planet Organic Stores this week, sharing some cheeky little samples! Don’t worry if you missed it though, more tasty days are coming up, I hear Chiswick store is the place to be today 🫣

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The one where our farmers share tender moments with their first love – the cows! From warm hugs and peaceful chats to delightful feedings, these images capture the essence of happy, serene, and healthy organic farms.

In every picture, you witness the bond that defines our farms - a future where dairy lovers can indulge without compromising their values. Happy Valentine’s Day to a love that’s udderly pure and undeniably heartwarming!

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Our love notes are written in every texture. Our commitment to the very best for our cows means we farm without herbicides or antibiotics and stand against GMOs. Picture it: healthier, happy cows producing milk that transforms into guilt-free, drool-worthy dairy. 

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A beloved staple and for a good reason! Our Organic Herd Butter is the perfect finishing touch to make your #PancakeDay truly buttery!

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Our farmers are the heart and soul of Organic Herd. February, the month of St. Valentine, is a perfect time to share a little love for the wonders of cows and the deep emotional bond shared by farmers with these amazing creatures. 

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