At Organic Herd, we believe that how we farm matters. We’re not just here to deliver delicious dairy, we’re here to make a positive impact – on our environment, on animal welfare, and on the quality of dairy.

Join a movement with a fresh perspective on how dairy should be – sustainable, ethical, always organic.

Explore Our Range.

Discover our fantastic range of organic dairy products – all of which are produced without additives, antibiotics or herbicides. This is dairy that is deliciously guilt-free.

Explore Our Range.

Discover our fantastic range of organic dairy products – all of which are free from antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. This is dairy that is deliciously guilt-free.

Why choose organic?

Champions of organic

We believe that to do dairy properly, the only way is organic. And we do a great job of it. To discover why organic is so good for the planet, for our cows, and for you, check out the link below.

Farmer-owned, ethical and honest

We proudly stand as a 100% farmer-owned co-operative, driven by a commitment to authenticity and transparency. Learn about our farmers, their stories, and why farming the organic way is so important.

Deliciously Tasty

Indulge in delicious organic dairy, without having to ever compromise on taste or qualtity. And trust us, it tastes really, really good.

Good for the planet, good for you

By choosing Organic Herd, you’re supporting a movement towards a better, greener future. Discover how we’re making a positive impact below.

Exciting News Alert! 🚀 Organic Herd has officially landed in all 9 Planet Organic stores across London! Whether we're popping from the screen, gracing the shelves, or just being plain goofy, we're everywhere!

Our vibrant cheddars come in three delicious variants, and we want you to be a part of the celebration! Head to your nearest @planetorganic , snap a quick pic, and enter our giveaway. Not sure what we're talking about? Check our previous post for all the deets and join the cheesy fun!

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We are proud to announce that our 100% organic cheddars can now be found on the shelves of all 9 Planet Organic stores across London, adding a burst of flavour and colour to the dairy aisle 🧀 

Planet Organic is the perfect partnership, both championing sustainable farming practices, such as being herbicide-free, as well as promoting the benefits to the community, health and the planet by choosing organic. That’s why we return our profits to our farmers, so that we can continue to invest in farming responsibly. Because How We Farm Matters. 

And what better way to celebrate this brilliant partnership? We’re kicking off with a GIVEAWAY! 🎁

One lucky winner will receive an exclusive Organic Herd tote bag and a selection of our delicious products. To enter, just:
1️⃣ Follow Organic Herd on Instagram.
2️⃣ Like our pinned Planet Organic post on Instagram.
3️⃣ Share the post to your story when you spot us in-store or make your Organic Herd purchase, using the hashtag #HowWeFarmMatters and don’t forget to tag @organicherd and @planetorganic 

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How we farm matters! Plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms on average, and winter is no different!  As we embrace the colder months, our hedgerows now become cosy homes and divine dining halls for lots of wildlife (swipe to last slide).
The farmers of Organic Herd together tend to over 1,600 km of hedgerows in the UK which are crucial for supporting birds, hedgehogs, dormice, voles and moths to name but a few.  Did you know that hedgerows are also the go-to spot for around 50 species of conservation concern in the UK?  A real life VIP section for wildlife!
Even our cows are in on the hedge action!  Native hedgerows host an array of plant species, some with natural medicinal properties. Our savvy cows know exactly what to forage for – talk about a holistic approach, farming with nature!
#OrganicHerd #HowWeFarmMatters #Hedges #Hedgerows #Organic #SoilAssociation
Sink your fangs into the wickedly good taste of our organic Milk Chocolate! 🦇🍫
Made with ethically sourced Peruvian cacao from biodiverse ecosystems, this spook-tacular treat is devilishly delicious.
Handcrafted in the Scottish countryside, it's a Halloween delight that's both eco-friendly and mouthwateringly sweet. No tricks, just treats!
#HappyHalloween #OrganicIndulgence #HalloweenChoc
Swipe right to uncover the Halloween traditions of people who make Organic Herd just a little spooky or maybe more!

#HappyHalloween #OrganicHerd
We’re taking you back to the basics with Organic Herd. Our products are all about quality and flavour, so why complicate things? 😋

Imagine slathering our smooth, Unsalted Butter onto a warm slice of toast. The rich, creamy goodness melts into every pore. But wait, there’s more!

Take a few pieces of our luscious Milk Chocolate, scatter them atop your buttered toast, and as they gently melt, dig in 🔥🍫👌

We’re all about making life easy, but oh-so-delectable! So, how do you like your toast? #TeamSweet or #TeamSavoury?

#OrganicHerd #HowWeFarmMatters #BackToBasics
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