Meet the team.

Sure, the cows are a big part of the Organic Herd, but there are a fair few humans, most importantly our farmers, who we couldn’t do without.

Our success is driven by a team who are revolutionising the dairy industry. Get to know the faces behind the names, and discover the people who work tirelessly to bring you the good stuff.

Martyn Anthony

Chief Executive Officer

Sara Ogborne

Director of Membership and Communications

Andy Rowsell

Finance Director

Ian Anderson

Commercial Consultant

Rich Lakeman

UK Commercial Lead &

Strategic Projects


Megan Harris

Farm Strategy

Roger Duckett

Quality Manager

Cathryn Watts

Membership Development

Sam Walsh

Financial Controller

Jenny Harding

Expenditure Accountant

Shelley Leach

Operations Supervisor

Mike Sims

Supply Chain Planner

Vicki Betty

Service Co-ordinator

Mark McNalty

Head of Supply Chain

Jen Shelton

Head of Technical

Liz Coombs

Office Supervisor

Supriya Ramesh

Digital Marketing Executive

Meet the farmers

The story of Organic Herd would be incomplete without our farmers. They’re the heartbeat of our herd. 29 years ago, they dared to rewrite the rules of farming, the organic way and to this day remain dedicated to planet positive responsible farming.

If it can fit in a sandwich, you bet we’re piling on the cheddar – because why not!

Got a quirky sandwich combo you swear by? Tell us!

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Now that’s a solid toast. 10/10 recommend 🤣
Why are we buzzing about bees as much as our cows and farms? Let us spill the honey!
Just like our products, bees are a BIG deal around here – sometimes literally (we promise we didn’t add any growth hormones).
But here’s the real buzz: By saying NO to artificial pesticides and other nasties, we’re creating a haven for bees to thrive! Our commitment leads to a whopping 50% increase in bees, butterflies, and all those essential pollinators compared to the conventional farms. Talk about a hive-five moment! 🖐️
Curious to learn more about the intriguing parallels between bees and our organic farmers? Click the link in bio.

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Today is Love a Tree Day, but we’re shaking things up with hedgerow hype. Meet The Avengers of Organic Farming  and see how every part of an organic farm adds up to something bigger. #HowWeFarmMatters

#OrganicHerd #LoveATreeDay #Hedgerows
Our star trio: Mild, Mature, and Extra Mature cheddars – the ultimate crowd-pleasers from our most-tasted lineup at shows! 

Our journey isn’t just about sustainable farming; it’s about a shared vision for a more sustainable dairy industry. At Organic Herd, we look at the entire supply chain, from our fields to your shelves.

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Get ready to shout from the rooftops because #HowWeFarmMatters! 🐄✨ But hey, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of sustainable farming, can we just take a moment to appreciate the glorious 20-degree weather outside? 🌞🌿

Now, back to business! This month we're shining a spotlight on the magic of grazing on organic farms, where lush pastures aren't just picturesque—they're essential for healthy ecosystems.

Swipe to the last slide for a heartwarming glimpse of a mother and calf moment on the farm, grazing together 🫶

So, why should you buy into organic? Because it's not just about what's on your plate—it's about the impact you make with every choice. 🌍💚 

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