With roots dating back over 30 years, our commitment to organic principles isn’t just a trend – it’s our way of life.

Generally, there are huge misconceptions around what organic actually means (in the context of dairy). What many people don’t realise is that organic dairy is part of the answer to so many problems that we are facing as a planet. Be it soil health, carbon footprint, biodiversity, you name it – the organic approach is the answer. Read on below to discover the difference with Organic Herd…

1. Working Hand in hand with Nature

For us, farming isn’t just about producing – it’s about nurturing. Organic farming is by its very nature regenerative, meaning that we contribute to the environment, rather than exploiting it. Our approach starts with respecting nature’s rhythm and going along with its flow.

Our farmers care for each cow individually, and know their needs, their quirks, and their individual personalities. This means we’re able to give our cows the kind of life that we think nature intended – simple, happy, and care-free.

2. Soil, Pastures, and Carbon Capture

You’ve heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ – well, it’s the same for our cows. If you want high-quality, tasty dairy, you’ve got to start with great grass and soil health.

Our farmers work tirelessly to ensure that their pastures stay vibrant, nutrient-rich and nourished, in harmony with the natural biodiversity of the planet. And we don’t just do it for our cows. Organic farming captures more CO2 in the soil compared to regular farming. If every farmer in the UK switched to organic, at least 1.3 million tonnes of carbon would be captured by the soil each year. Anyone tempted?

3. Free-Range Bliss

Cows in the Organic Herd lead a very happy life. They’re free to roam, meaning that they graze outdoors in grassy fields for 235 days (on average). This means they get way more time to relax in the sun than non-organic cows, who only get around 100 days outside. And they get… more grass. An awful lot more. Which translates into happier, healthier cows, and more delicious milk.

When the weather’s too wet to graze, our cows plump for a cosy indoor retreat, where we pamper them with back scratchers and their own individual beds.

4. Pure Goodness, Only Grass

At Organic Herd, we’re all about saying no – no to artificial pesticides, no to herbicides, and no to synthetic fertilisers. Why? Because we believe in doing what’s right, not what’s easy.

By making these conscious choices, we’re creating an environment that literally blooms with life. In fact, our commitment leads to a remarkable 50% increase in bees, butterflies, and essential pollinators compared to conventional non-organic setups. Buzz buzz buzz.

5. Caring for Our Cows, Naturally

We think our cows deserve the very best. We meticulously monitor their health, making sure our cows receive the care they need.

This means saying no to antibiotics and firmly standing against the use of GMOs. The result? Healthier cows, and much better milk.

6. A Commitment to Excellence

Organic farming isn’t a walk in the park. Or field, for that matter. Getting and retaining Organic Certification demands meticulous attention to detail and a whole lot of effort. It’s also regulated by extremely stringent standards, by both UK and international bodies.

Our entire supply chain is independently verified each year. This covers all aspects of food and farming – from animal care, and environmental protection all the way through to quality, and food safety. What does this mean for you? Higher quality, across the board.

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