Organic Flavoured butters

  • Cream tumbled in big 1960s butter barrels
  • Churned in small batches and hand-rolled
  • Adding Mediterranean butter can elevate a roasted chicken, baked fish or roast potatoes
  • Truffle butter is the perfect pairing melted onto steak, swirled into mash potato, or to make a pasta sauce
  • Crafted in Somerset

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Sorry Joey, but around here, our cows are the real VIPs! 😄 Their opinions matter to us more than you’d think! Our farmers know each cow like they’re part of the family – quirks, personalities, and all! We’re all about giving them the life they deserve: carefree, happy, and filled with grassy fields to roam. So while Joey might say it’s a “moo point,” to us, our cows’ happiness is udderly important.

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Hey Google, tell us a dad joke.

Google: “Why did the butter join the band? Because it had the best jams!”

Whether you’re planning a special Dad-Daughter evening with our luxurious Organic Truffle Butter or a fun Father-Son baking session with our classic Unsalted Butter, we’ve got the perfect ingredients for today to #ButterUpDad

Got a buttery dad joke of your own to share? Drop it in the comments and let’s keep the laughter churnin’!

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Curious about what happened at Severndale Farm’s Open Farm Sunday? 🐑🌼 At Organic Herd, we say no to artificial pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilisers, making Severndale a sanctuary for pollinators and other wildlife.
This natural approach creates a vibrant environment where bees, butterflies, and essential pollinators thrive. Our commitment to organic farming results in a 50% increase in these crucial species compared to conventional farms. It’s all about fostering a buzzing, healthy ecosystem, and Severndale Farm exemplifies this beautifully.
Because when it comes to How We Farm Matters Day, we’re not just talking shop, we’re milking it for all it’s worth!

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Today, we’re spilling the tea (and maybe a little milk) on what went down at Wicton Farm during Open Farm Sunday! 🐄💬 Claire from Wicton says, “We’re all about working with nature, making our farm a haven for wellness, learning, and creativity.”
At Wicton Farm, our cows live their best lives—free range and 100% grass-fed, mastering the art of grazing despite the quirky UK weather. They roam outdoors in grassy fields for an average of 235 days a year. When it’s too wet, they enjoy a cozy indoor retreat with back scratchers and individual beds.
Happier cows mean healthier milk, and that’s something we take pride in!

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Thinking of luring your customers with a tempting summer treat like pineapple and cheddar for a picnic? Well, you’ve got to stock up through Cress Co before the end of this month and enjoy a cheesy 10% off on our cheddars. 🧀🍍

Your customers are going to lick their fingers clean!

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British summer is here, and we’re bringing you the perfect way to keep your cool! Get 10% off our entire chilled range all month long at @sumawholefoods

Suma isn’t just any distributor—they’re a co-operative of ordinary folks with extraordinary taste, dedicated to sourcing the most delicious and sustainable products.

Whether you’re stocking up your farm shop, deli, or just enjoying a picnic in the unpredictable British sun, this deal is too gouda to miss!

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