Sales of Omsco’s British Organic Dairy Company (BODC) branded range of great tasting, traditionally made Cheddars are set to grow in the United States. Thanks to a recent, major US marketing and distribution launch, the distinctively colourful BODC packs of Mature, Extra Mature and Vintage Organic Cheddar will now be listed in some 2,400 stores across the States.

Having recently appointed Trugman-Nash, a leading importer and distributor of Cheddar into North America, as the British Organic Dairy Company’s sole US distributor, Omsco has worked closely with them to launch the brand into the North American market.  Central to this was the showcasing last month of the BODC range at the two largest food trade fairs held in the States namely the International Dairy Deli and Bakery Association 2022 event in Atlanta which was immediately followed by the Specialty Food Association’s 66th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York.  Both events provided the opportunity to discuss and sample the BODC range with representatives of over 30 US and Canadian grocery chains.

The British Organic Dairy Company’s range of Cheddars are produced by Wyke Farms, one of the country’s longest established, family-run cheesemakers based in the heart of the Somerset countryside, only some 20 miles away from the village of Cheddar itself.  The range consists of a rich yet smooth & buttery Mature Cheddar;  a bold and distinctive 12 month-aged Extra Mature Cheddar and a quintessential, complex and robust Vintage Cheddar matured for over 18 months.  All are made from Omsco farmers’ milk produced by a farming system that is accredited by the USDA and UK Soil Association to be free from the use of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers, GMOs and antibiotics.

Commenting on the growth of the BODC brand, Peter Andrew Omsco’s Head of Business Development said: “The reaction of US grocery buyers to our British Organic Dairy Company range of Organic Cheddar has been really positive.  We now have over 2,400 listings secured in stores across the States and with container shipments of BODC Cheddar now arriving in the States every month we are confident that sales will go from strength to strength.”

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